About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

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A message to all Fukui residents


Coronavirus Prevention Guidelines for Fukui Residents Ver. 6

*Underlines indicate changes from previous version


We ask all Fukui Prefecture residents to follow the following guidelines to prevent a second wave outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).


1. Take measures to prevent the risk of infection

Absolutely do not go outside if you have a fever, cough, fatigue, or other symptoms. When possible, keep two meters (minimum one meter) away from others, wear a mask (except when outside with nobody else nearby), practice hand washing when arriving at home and before eating, cough etiquette, and take measures to both prevent the risk of getting infected or infecting others.

If a family member is ill, isolate their living space by staying in separate rooms and eating separately, separate shared items, and disinfect bathrooms and other shared spaces to prevent against infections spreading at home.


2. Exercise caution when travelling to and from Fukui

  Be vigilant in researching the Coronavirus situation where you are travelling. Take extra preventative measures when going to regions where there are new coronavirus cases emerging.

3. Avoid the “Three Cs”: confined spaces, crowded places, and close contact settings

Avoid confined spaces with poor ventilation, crowded areas, and talking in close contact. These three factors are the biggest risk factors for spreading and contracting the coronavirus and it is important to avoid settings where these factors overlap.

Please cooperate with any prevention measures implemented by businesses and join the national contact-tracing app.

If you receive an alert from the app, please contact your nearest Health Center.


4. Do not go to be examined by a doctor without calling ahead first

If you have a fever, cough, fatigue, or other symptoms, do not go outside and first call your nearest Health Center or your regular physician and follow their advice. Wear a mask when going to be examined.

If you are still worried after being examined, consult with your nearest Health Center and avoid going to multiple medical institutions.


5. Implement strict measures to prevent against infections in the workplace

Employers should implement comprehensive policies to reduce the risk of infection, including implementing work-from-home (telecommuting) and dividing employees into different shifts to reduce the number of people in the workplace at one time.

In addition to recording employees’ temperatures in the mornings and implementing rules about social distancing, hand washing, and wearing masks, employers should take extra prevention measures in areas where the “3 Cs” overlap like smoking areas, locker rooms, and cafeterias.

If an employee is diagnosed with the coronavirus or comes into close contact with someone diagnosed with the coronavirus, companies should order all employees at the same workplace to isolate at home and cooperate with outbreak prevention measures as advised.


6. Implement strict measures to prevent against infections at stores and businesses

Store and business owners should follow the guidelines set by their respective industries and implement measures to prevent crowds forming such as handing out numbered tickets to limit the number of customers inside at one time and switching to takeout. Ask customers and staff to wear masks and take measures to prevent the risk of infection. In addition, businesses should take preemptive measures to help with potential contact tracing in the event of an infection by keeping records of customer names and contact information.

If someone at the store is known to be infected, cooperate with the subsequent contact-tracing investigation conducted by the Health Center by providing all available information including customer contact lists.


7. Cooperate when needed to support and protect health care workers and the healthcare system

Cooperate and take any measures needed to support and protect doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers.

To protect the health care system, care facilities including childcare and elderly care institutions should cooperate fully to assist with the care for the family of health care workers.


8. Protect civil liberties and personal information

Do not discriminate or spread false rumors regarding patients, close contacts of patients, medical professionals, their families, or others involved.


June 19th, 2020 

Tatsuji Sugimoto, Governor of Fukui

We will be providing the latest information on the Novel Coronavirus situation.

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